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The Pashmi dog, otherwise called Mudhol Hound is an sight hound Indian dog breed.The feathered variety is generally known as a Pashmi. It is likewise called Karwani. It is a typical pet among villagers in India's Deccan Level, who utilize it for chasing and guarding. 

The Pet hotel Club of India (KCI) and Indian National Pet hotel Club (INKC) perceive the breed under various breed names. The KCI registers it as a caravan hound  while the INKC utilizes the name Mudhol Hound.

The postage stamp with face estimation of Rs.5.00 was discharged by Indian Postal Division on 9 January 2005, together with three different dogs, the Himalayan Sheep Pooch (Rs. 5.00), Rampur Dog (Rs. 5.00) and Rajapalayam (Rs. 15.00), in acknowledgment of the Mudhol Dog.

pashmi dog
Pashmi Dog


The pashmi dog was acquainted with the Deccan Level of western India from Focal Asia and Arabia, and would thus be able to be viewed as an immediate relative of the Saluki or Tāzī. This district covers parts of the conditions of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and, to a lesser degree, Andhra Pradesh. The breed is prominent in and around Mudhol Taluk of Karnataka and along these lines the breed got the name Mudhol hound.

Shrimant Rajesaheb Malojirao Ghorpade of Mudhol (1884-1937) of the Mudhol State is credited with reviving the Mudhol dog. He saw nearby tribes individuals called Bedar (Intrepid); likewise called Berad (not - crying) utilizing these dogs for hunting. Utilizing specific breeding, he could revive the imperial Mudhol dog. On a visit to Britain in the mid 1900s, the Maharaja of Mudhol State introduced Ruler George V a couple of dogs, which made the pashmi dog breed famous. 

The Indian Armed force wants to utilize the Mudhol  dog for reconnaissance and outskirt Our border protection duties. It has gotten six Pashmi dog for testing at the Armed force's Remount Veterinary Corps at Meerut. The Dogs were bred after choice, at the Canine Exploration and Data Center in Thimmapur close Mudhol in Bagalkot area of Karnataka. The CRIC is a unit of the Karnataka Veterinary, Creature and Fisheries Sciences College, Bidar.


The Mudhol or pashmi dog has very much characterized qualities. The head is long and tight, wide between the ears with a decreasing muzzle. The jaws are long and great, with a scissors bite. The nose is extensive and dark. The ears are pendulous and balance near the skull. The eyes are substantial and oval in shape, from dim to hazel. The expression is a puncturing look. The neck is long, clean, and strong, and fits well into the shoulders. The forelegs are long and straight. The back is long, wide and very strongly built. The loins are wide and profound. The chest is solid and profound with well sprung ribs. The belly is tucked in. The hind quarters seem wide and strong built. The tail is determined to low, solid at the base and decreasing, very long and conveyed in a characteristic bend. The walk is high-footed, flexing each of the four legs, however ought not be overdone. There are two coat varieties—one with an altogether smooth coat and the other with sleek featherings on the ears, legs, and tail. Acceptable colours are Fawn, Green, red, cream, dark, and mouse-grey, or any of these colours broken with a negligible amount of white.

Height: 24-30 inches

Weight: 22-28 kg
Life span: 10-12 years


The pashmi dog breed is a working dog, equipped for giving a great performance in the field consistently, under difficult conditions that would destroy most different canines. They are rich, smooth and bold. Its physical quality combined with awesome speed and a lot of stamina to enable it to catch and execute a few kinds of animals, from rabbit to blackbuck, over rough nation. It's not a perfect dog for the apartment as it needs a lot of room and exercise; despite the fact that if game plans are made to practice the dog routinely in an adequately vast, securely fenced territory, it might do well in a flat or some other staying. 

The breed, whenever treated with graciousness and regard, can be especially loyal. They are not cordial, and don't prefer to be touched by outsiders. They make good guard dogs as they can be exceptionally defensive. They should be treated reliably and consciously in light of the fact that else they may build up an nervous or agressive nature—both of which are hard to live with.


Around 750 families in and around Mudhol town of Karnataka are raising this breed for promoting this dog breed.


Pashmi Dog are a hardy breed; for a long time these dogs have been relied upon to live and to buckle down in brutal situations. Just the strongest ones have survived and the outcome is that Mudhol Dogs are tough canines, experiencing no known medical problems. They have a life expectancy of around ten to fifteen years.

pashmi dog puppies Price(karvani):

pashmi dog
Pashmi/Mudhol hound Puppy

Price of pashmi dog puppies generally varies due to location,quality of  the pup their parents but the on an average it would cost you around 2000 -25000/- Rs.


The yearly expense of accommodating the mudhol dog—which incorporates dinners, veterinary consideration, toys and permit—can fluctuate somewhere in the range of $420 and $780. This does not include capital costs for spay/fix methodology, puppy neckline and a chain, canine transporter and dog case. Tip: Be sure you have acquired the majority of the essential supplies previously you get your mudhol dog home.


The Pashmi Dog is a low upkeep breed as far as grooming is required. This breed sheds a normal, so brushing your puppy's short coat once seven days will do the trick to evacuate the vast majority of the dead hair. The week by week brushing keeps their feather and skin solid by conveying the common oils, and furthermore grants a brilliant shine to the hair. Bathe your dog just as required and utilize gentle cleanser; washing very often or utilizing harsh shampoos can expel the defensive oils from your Mudhol Dog's skin and coat.

Is Pashmi dog an ideal choice for you?


Mudhol Dog can adjust to any sort of living condition, regardless of whether a apartment or a house. However, you need to remember one thing when you keep them in apartments; it is important to give them exercise all the time. Their favored living condition incorporates an expansive yard with wall to permit them a free run. 

The best thing about the breed is that it was reproduced in India so it versatile to every climate condition. Alongside this you need to remember that they won't be happy to simply sit at home and will require customary and long exercise, regardless of whether on leash or without. The main thing to remember is that they must be treated with graciousness and regard and they can prove to be  loyal pets. 

Training and intelligence 

The Pashmi dog will require consistent training, they require a firm coach and remember that this breed has an nervous personality issues and won't react well to brutal treatment. Actually if this anxious behaviour if not controlled can increase when they grow old. The Mudhol Dog must be prepared to associate with different animals particularly smaller canines as they were produced to pursue and he or she may either scare them off or simply think that they are prey.



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