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Kanni Dog History - kanni dog is a hound  dog found in the state of  Tamil Nadu.They were used by landlords and zamindars for hunting during ancient times.The word kanni means virgin girl in tamil.This dog is further extension of  Caravan or Mudhol Hound & Saluki  descendant.

kanni dog history
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Kanni Dog History-Kanni's comes in the category of medium sized dogs.This breed's height at wither is around 26 inches & weighs around 20 kg.It has medium sized body with straight top line & tucked up-abdomen.They have strong jaws & black nose with golden colored eyes and straight head.They have medium sized and flat ears and with varieties of ear types like erect,dropping & semi dropping with semi curved tail.These dogs are usually found in four colours like:
1) Brown
2) Cream
3) black & tan
4) Brindle

These dogs are kept by the families who are unwilling to sell them but may gift them if a promise is made to look after them very well.These breeds are not allowed to roam in the streets and are adopted as pets.Their diet included milk in the morning,corn porridge in the afternoon & Ragi porridge at night.Meat is fed to them once a week or once a month.

2) Temperament:

Kanni Dog History- kanni is a shy breed but will not think twice to defend its master if the need arise.These dogs are extremely loyal and protective.These dogs can be easily trained but keep in mind that they are prone to independence so please expect will of his own time to time.These dogs are not known for being destructive but its possible if their mind is not stimulated by regular exercise.They are extremely quick to respond to the hand gestures by owners towards the rabbit.Kanni's can cover large distance very quickly due to its light but muscular build, Large heart, Double suspension gallop & its flexible spine similar to cheetah.

3) Health:

Kanni's are generally a hardy breed but you should take your kanni to  veterinarian for complete diagnosis,Vaccinations and heart worm test each and every year & ASAP if she is sick and injured.They are prone to dental diseases.Your veterinarian can provide all the required information  for reducing oral diseases & Halitosis.Periodontal disease are common in kannis and it can also spread in your dogs body so its suggested to get your dogs teeth cleaned by the veterinarian during health checkup.

4) Price:
Kanni puppies are available at the price range of 3k to 8k.It's always suggested to buy dogs from reputable organisation or breeder to reduce the health issue which is caused due to bad breeding practices.

5) Expenses:

The yearly cost of owning a kanni  including meals, vet vills, toys & license can range between 8760/-Rs to 56000/- Rs.This doesn't include the cost of spay/neuter procedures, Dog crate and carrier, Collar & leash.Please be sure that you have the required supplies before you bring kanni home for the first time.(Note) Expense may also vary depending on the quality of food you feed to your dog & its always recommended to provide high quality food to your dog because it can provide balanced nutrition to grown kannis.

Are kannis good choice as a pet?

kanni dog history signifies that Kannis are extremely loyal and protective dogs as they were mainly bred for hunting.These dogs require exercise to maintain their muscles and to stimulate their mind so they will be  okay in an apartment provided these dogs are provided with enough exercise.These dogs are not generally destructive. 

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