40 Best Dog Collars You Can Buy Online In India

Dog Collars online india : Your fuzzy companion is an important individual from your family and you don't need anything yet the best for them. 

About 10 million+ dogs & cats are lost or stolen in the India every year and almost 33% of all house pets will be lost at some point during their lifetime. 

That is why a collar will make one of the most important items for your pets, as it gives a methods for distinguishing proof should they escape and is an approach to encourage contain and control them when out on the town. 

Here are a few things to remember when obtaining a collar for your pet: 

Style: Head neckline, bridle or conventional around the neck. Your dogs breed may figure out what style you'll require as can their personality. 

Measure/fit: Will your pet grow bigger by any means? Assuming this is the case, you'll need to make contemplation for that when buying a collar.

Material:Nylon, Leather or other materials? Your style and exercises will probably dictate which material you'll need for your pet. 

Additional features: Built with lights, cushioning, Washable. There are numerous unique alternatives accessible that can help make your pet more comfortable as well as visible. 

With keeping the above points in mind,here are 40 of what I think about the best pet collars for felines and canine dependent on available features along with customer ratings and reviews.

1)  Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs

dog collars online india

This quieting collar is perfect for those pets who are on the somewhat more on edge side and need a little help relaxing. It's been demonstrated to adjust social issues in canines with stress and Fear issues.

Key features:
  • Ideal for older dogs and for puppies
  • Works for about a month
  • US patents pending

Cost : Rs./- 4038

2) Perri’s Padded Leather Dog Collar

dog collars online india

This smooth looking calfskin dogs neckline is cushioned for extra solace when around your hairy companion's neck. Accessible in different sizes, the neckline can be facilitated with the coordinating chain for a rich look.

Key features:
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in a various colours
  • 100% genuine leather

Cost: Rs./- 3210

3)PetSafe® Gentle Leader Headcollar

dog collars online India

This gentle leader head collar is ideal for dogs who are more on the strong-willed side and need to be controlled when out and about. It’s not a muzzle, so it won’t prevent your dog from biting – but it can help to prevent pulling, lunging and jumping.

Key features:
  • Gives almost instant results
  • Includes DVD training
  • Available in various sizes

Cost: Rs./- 1814

dog collars online india
Because of its extremely unique design, this neckline keeps your Dog from pulling, Jumping and bouncing.

Key features:
  • Quickly correct unwanted behaviors
  • Easily adjustable
  • Strong, secure design

Cost : Rs./- 2347

5) Zehui New Blue Nylon LED Dog Night Safety Collar

dog collars online india

This collar gloats an implicit Drove light for included perceivability and security when out with your dog after dusk. Requires two batteries that are pre-introduced. Neckline can undoubtedly be washed.

Key features:
  • Choose from solid glow or flashing
  • Easy-to-use push button control
  • Available in multiple colors

Cost : Rs./- 1777

6) GoTags Custom Engraved Slide-On Pet ID Tag Comes with a Tough Nylon Dog Collar

Accessible in a few widths and sizes, and a decision of 5 collar colours and 8 label colours, this unit furnishes you with a definitive in outline decision for your canine friend.

Key features:
  • Personalized slide-on ID tag included
  • Secure construction
  • No more noisy ID tags

Cost : Rs./- 2345

7) Adaptil Adjustable Calming Dog Collar

This Collar offers a delicate yet successful pressure diminishing answer for dogs who get on edge and frightened. Perfect for use amid thunderstorms, while training or while boarding.

Key features:
  • Clinically proven
  • Lasts for up to 4 weeks
  • Adjustable size

Cost : Rs./- 1938

8) Rogz Utility Large 3/4-Inch Reflective Fanbelt Dog    collar

This intelligent neckline can be utilized for both canine and cat mates and highlights a paw-safe plan that can't be removed by your hairy companion.

Key features:
  • Available in a wide selection of colors
  • Adjustable size
  • Unique design reduces the weight of your dog’s pull

Cost : Rs./- 1395

9) Halti Opti Fit Head Collar for Dogs

Accessible in a determination of three distinct sizes to suit about any canine partner, this head collar offers a relatively moment answer for right pulling, lunging and bouncing practices.

Key features:
  • Comfortable contour design
  • Custom fit for nearly any dog
  • Reflective side strips increase visibility

Cost: Rs./- 2091

10) Guardian Custom Personalized Embroidered Dog Collars

These exclusively weaved canine collars offer a helpful answer for the dogs that likes to wander. With your dog's name and contact data sewed right onto the neckline, individuals will dependably know who to return them to should they get lost.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of four sizes
  • Available in a choice of eight color options
  • Quick release buckles for easy on and off

Cost: Rs./-2008

11) GoTags Embroidered Reflective Safety Personalized Dog Collar

This customized collar is specially weaved with your pet's name and contact data on the off chance that they ought to get lost. This collar is exceptionally visible in dim and dull lighting conditions.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of sizes
  • Available in a choice of color options
  • Tough, durable design

Cost: Rs./- 2345

12) WhelpIDcollars – Puppy ID Bands

Accessible in a decision of 12 colour choices, these ID collars are made of a delicate texture with a snare and circle conclusion that is delicate against your pets neck. Perfect for differentiating doggies and little cats one from the other.

Key features:
  • Available in three sizes
  • Washable for easy cleaning
  • Easy to adjust

Cost: Rs./- 699

13) SportDOG Pet Collar Strap

This simple pet collar is available in a wide selection of sizes and colors, plus with 44 holes along the collar, you’re sure to help your furry friend find the perfect fit.

Key features:
  • Fully waterproof design
  • Easy on and off
  • Highly visible, easy to clean

Cost: Rs./- 1479

14) Lanyar Fashion Leather Pet Collars for Cats, Puppies & Dogs

These PU cowhide collars are the perfect size for the cats and smaller dogs and puppies and highlight a delicate and agreeable outline that won't hurt your pet.

Key features:
  • Bell included
  • Available in a choice of colors
  • Easy to adjust

Cost: Rs./-7017

15) Blueberry Pet Dog Collar Classic Solid Basic Polyester Nylon Dog Collar

These pet collars are produced using a sturdy nylon material and highlight a high thickness webbing for included quality. The D ring is nickel-covered to last and coordinating saddle and chain is accessible.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of four sizes
  • Available in a choice of six colors
  • Buckles constructed of eco-friendly plastic

Cost: Rs./- 2460

16) Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness 3055 Series

This puppy collar has been tried for fender bender security, elasticity, and powerfully tried to guarantee a definitive in wellbeing for your dog and highlights all steel settling buckles for included quality.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of five sizes
  • Available in a choice of two colors
  • Broad padded chestplate and five adjustment points for the best fit

Cost: Rs./- 3014

17) Guardian Martingale Pet Collar

This Martingale-style collar gives a constrained scope of stifle neckline activity while likewise giving a marginally customizable, but comfortable, fit for your canine.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three sizes
  • Collar pressure adjusts as pressure is applied to leash
  • Gentle and effective

Cost: Rs./-1561

18) Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar for Medium and Large Dog Breeds

This cushioned cowhide pooch collar is a sumptuous alternative for your canine buddy and has been hand sewed for a definitive in solace. Simple on and off outline makes it perfect for taking your pet for strolls.

Key features:
  • Available in two sizes
  • Matching leash available
  • Solid brass buckle will not rust

Cost: Rs./- 4089

19) Dutch Dog Amsterdam Eco Friendly Van Gogh Dog Collar

This eco-accommodating canine neckline includes an excellent Van Gogh plan (Starry Night) that is engraved right onto the collar.

Key features:
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Recycled PET webbing softer than nylon
  • Machine washable

Cost: Rs./- 1832

20) Mendota Products Double Braid Collar

This twofold meshed puppy collar includes a delicate, strong outline that is colorfast, waterproof, UV-covered and flaunts rust-verification metal or nickel equipment. Leash is also is available.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of colors
  • Vintage buckle closure
  • Adjustable for dogs up to 22” neck size

Cost: Rs./- 2288

21)  PetSafe® Premier® Martingale Collar

This head pet restraint offers the highlights and control of a stifle neckline, yet with an additional delicateness. There are no buckles for your canine to slip out of and it is intended for day every-day wear.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of five sizes
  • Available in a choice of 12 colors
  • Recommended by trainers and veterinarians

Cost: Rs./- 963

22) OmniPet Camouflage Kwik Klip Dog Collar

This adorable neckline gives a stylish look to your pet on account of its fun, camo plan and is made of sturdy nylon to last and dry rapidly should it get wet.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three sizes
  • Made in the USA
  • Kwik clip buckle for easy on and off

Cost: Rs./- 2124

23) Coastal Pet Products ElastaCat Pet Collar

This pet restraint is perfect for cat pets on account of its versatile material that will enable your pet to be securely liberated should they end up caught while wearing it. Simple on and off design so you don't have to battle with your feline to motivate them to wear it.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of five colors
  • Fully adjustable
  • Highly visible reflective strands woven into the fabric

Cost: Rs./- 680

24) Deluxe Adjustable Thick Comfort Padded Dog Collar by Downtown Pet Supply

These luxurious pet collars are completely flexible and highlight a metal clasp and D ring for included security for your pet. The delicate, sturdy polypropylene material won't assimilate water and is mold resistant.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three sizes
  • Available in a choice of colors
  • Matching leash also available

Cost: Rs./- 2111

25) Running Dog Collar, Mighty Paw Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

This energetic style neckline includes a neoprene lining on the inside to give your dog agreeable, long wear and a hard core snare and circle for easy size change.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of two colors
  • Reflective stitching for increased visibility
  • Money-back guarantee

Cost: Rs./- 2981

26) Motion Infiniti LED Dog Collar

This pet restraint offers a two-in-one value on account of its incorporated Drove light that additionally gives expanded perceivability in diminish and dull lighting conditions. Economical batteries are easily replaceable and can run up to 45 hrs of continuous use.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three colors
  • Water- and weather-resistant material
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cost: Rs./- 1099

27) PETSPATS Reflective Dog

Produced using a tough, hard core neoprene and nylon development, this collar furnishes your pet with safety while as yet being sufficiently comfortable for throughout the day wear. Speedy snap clasp offers a simple on and off design.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three colors
  • Luminescent strip for increased visibility
  • Fully adjustable

Cost: Rs./- 1855

28) TIZE Dog Collar Led Light Band

This rock solid nylon neckline includes an implicit Drove light that has different lighting modes for expanded perceivability and offers a no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three sizes
  • Matching leash available
  • Easy on/off switch

Cost: Rs./- 1092

29) Pawtitas Reflective Dog Collar

This jazzy neckline is produced using solid nylon and highlights an implicit intelligent line for expanded perceivability. D ring is deliberately set to give your pet a definitive in comfort.

Key features:
  • Available in five sizes
  • Available in five colors
  • Matching leash available

Cost: Rs./- 3370

30) Epicpet LED Dog Collar with Flashing Red Lights and Thick Padding

This dog collar highlights worked in super brilliant blazing Drove lights to expand your pet's perceivability up to 1000 feet. On account of a ultra-solid nylon outside, padded cowhide inside and zinc compound clasp, this neckline will furnish your pet with long periods of comfortable wear.

Key features:
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Battery life up to 70 hours
  • Highly visible red color

Cost: Rs./- 2513

31) Walgap® Silicone Dog Collar LED Flashing Lights

This silicone puppy collar gives three levels of light glimmering to help increment your pets perceivability in diminish and dim light conditions. The Drove lights give an abnormal state of perceivability and the nylon collar is solid for long wear.

Key features:
  • Available in choice of four sizes
  • Available in choice of six colors
  • Up to 100 hours of battery life

Cost: Rs./- 1935

32) fashion&cool Led Dog Collar

This security collar includes an incorporated battery-powered Drove light that highlights three diverse lighting examples to help increment your pet's perceivability. USB charging link is incorporated and gives 300-500 charges.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three colors
  • Shuts off when fully charged to prevent overcharging
  • Visibility up to 1640 feet

Cost: Rs./- 1978

33) IKET USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar

This collar includes brilliant, intelligent double light rings for expanded perceivability. It's visible up to 3000 feet and is reasonable for use in low light conditions. It effortlessly charges by means of the included USB link, and give up to 8 hours of continous use on  single charge.

Key features:
  • Choice of three different sizes
  • Choice of three different colors
  • Fully adjustable

Cost: Rs./-7927

34)  K9 Warrior Biothane 1″ Reflective Dog Collar

This intelligent dog collar is produced using Biothane, durable, solid, all-climate material that is super extreme and worked to last. This neckline won't assimilate smells and is very easy to clean.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of three sizes
  • Available in a choice of two colors
  • Made in the USA

Cost: Rs./- 1823

35) “FRIENDLY” Green Color Coded Semi-Choke Dog Collar

These collars include a canny outline that tells others how your dog will respond to human and canine connection and there's even a coordinating non-pull saddle and rope in different lengths also.

Key features:
  • Available in a choice of sizes
  • Choose from buckle or semi-choke design
  • Demonstrates responsible dog ownership

Cost: Rs./ 2740

37) Lupine 3/4-inch Rain Song 9-12 Inch Containment Collar Strap

The Lupine pet restraint is a beautiful method to add a little style to your puppy's life and is completely perfect with different famous electronic fence brands. Browse a few totally customizable sizes with the end goal to locate the ideal fit for your pet.

Key features:
  • Matching leash available
  • Guaranteed for life – even if chewed
  • Made in the USA

Cost: Rs./- 2806

38) Pet Mate 0320433 Adjustable Fashion Cat Collar 3/8

Pet Mate collars are accessible in a wide range of sizes and colours, and additionally styles, yet we cherish this flexible form neckline for felines for its stylish design and breakaway pod clasp guarantees your cat won't choke on the off chance that they get captured on something they shouldn't.

Key features:
  • Bell included
  • Made from durable nylon webbing
  • Fully adjustable to fit your cat

Cost: Rs./-1241

39) Up Country Big Bones Dog Collar

Accessible in various of sizes and adorable prints and colours, these collars are produced using high-rigidity nylon webbing that is worked to last and the Drift Protect affirmed plastic buckles help prevent your pooch from splitting without end. There's even a coordinating leash available.

Key features:
  • Machine washable
  • Fray-resistant
  • Made in the USA

Cost: Rs./- 3713

40) Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

This current brand's name says everything – their collars are unimaginably tough and worked to last through even the roughest of wear. Anodized aluminum metal pieces won't rust and give a safe hold to your pet.

Key features:
  • Available in a selection of sizes
  • Available in a selection of colors
  • Sliding knots give a customized fit

Cost: Rs./- 4799



Above was my collection of dog collars online India.I hope you like this post.Please free to comment below.

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