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Chippiparai dog is said to be descendant of saluki or sloughi and found near the area of periyar lake in the state of Kerala.They are silent and strong hound dogs which are considered good guard dogs who are affectionate  & brave enough to protect their family.

chippiparai dog
Chippiparai dog


The Chippiparai dog is fundamentally the same as in appearance to other Indian sighthounds, and would most likely be unclear from them by a layman. Since numerous Chippiparai dog are not enlisted or reproduced to appearance measures, this breed shows awesome variety in size and appearance. The Chippiparai Dog is a medium estimated breed. A large portion of these puppies remain somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 inches tall at the shoulder. This is one of only a handful couple of breeds that is normally taller from ground to bear than it is long from chest to back end. In spite of the fact that weight is vigorously impacted by tallness, sexual orientation, and manufacture, most Chippiparais weigh somewhere in the range of 30 and 65 pounds. Like most sighthounds, particularly those from India, the Chippiparai dog is an exceptionally thin Breed. This breed is exceptionally thin and most have visible ribs. people believe that the canine is thin, yet that is the right appearance for this breed. This breed has slender appendages and a thin body, despite the fact that it ought to never be fragile. The tail of the Chippiparai is long, slender, and as a rule conveyed with a significant bend. 

The head and face of the Chippiparai dog are long and thin. The two are not clearly distinct, and mix in flawlessly. The muzzle is perceptibly longer than the skull and nearly as wide and profound. Regardless of its slenderness, the muzzle gives the impression of having generous power. The gag tapers generously towards the end yet never looks snipey. The ears of the Chippiparai dog are variable. Most dogs have rose ears, yet others have semi-prick or front aligned drop down ears. Despite of shape and size the ears of this breed is moderate in size. This breed has face forwards eyes, giving the breed the most ideal vision. These eyes are normally dim in shading, however might be lighter contingent upon the pooch's jacket shading. The general articulation of most breed individuals is delicate, extraordinary, and extremely sharp. 

The short coatr of the Chippiparai dog is in a perfect world suited to life in India. It is short and extremely smooth, enabling the dog to survive serious heat. The coat likewise makes it simple to find and expel parasites, for example, insects and ticks from the Dog. The Chippiparai dog displays generous variety in coat shading. By a long shot the most well-known hues are on the whole shades of grovel, rosy darker, all shades of dim, and marginally dark tinged coats. Various different colours are likewise observed, for example, dark brown. Any shading could possibly have constrained white markings. A few puppies are double shaded, with on the other hand coloured markings on their legs, muzzle, eyes, and around the vent. The most well-known double colours are dark and tan and dark and grey.


The Chippiparai dog has a demeanor fundamentally the same as that found in other Indian sighthounds. This breed resembles western sighthounds however has a tendency to be more fiery and defensive. All who have worked with this breed have remarked on its delicate personality. This breed is known to be very quiet and tranquil. This breed tends to have extremely solid bonds with its family.If Raised by a single person this breed tends to be one-mans dog. At the point when brought up in a family environment, the Chippiparai dog will frame similarly solid bonds with all individuals from its family unit. In spite of the fact that this breed is extremely dedicated and steadfast, it is normally very reserved with its affections. There don't appear to be numerous reports on the breed's behaviour & suitablity with kids. In view of comparable breeds, the Chippiparai Dog does well with children unless they play rough with this breed. 

This breed will certainly prefer family members over strangers. Chippiparais are normally suspicious of outsiders, and generally respond to them nervously. Be that as it may, this is positively not an agrresive breed. Most breed individuals will be extremely tolerant of outsiders when socialized, despite the fact that they will presumably stay detached with them. Chippiparai dog are extensively more defensive and territorial than is the situation with most sighthounds and make exceptionally powerful guard dogs. This breed likewise makes a powerful watch dog that will challenge Intruders, in spite of the fact that this breed does not have the size and animosity to make it a perfect guard dog. 

Chippiparai dog have been bred only for hunting purpose for quite a long time. These Dogs have an abnormal state of hostility to non-canine creatures. Most will pursue down, assault, and endeavor to execute any animal that grabs their attention. Breed individuals took off alone for any time allotment will rapidly freed a yard of every single little animal, taking their corpses back to their proprietors as "presents." Most breed individuals can be prepared and associated to acknowledge Individual creatures which they have been raised with, however some never are dependable around them. Chippiparai dog is normal with regards to different Dogs. Most breed individuals will do fine with different Dogs with preparing and socialization and like to impart their lives to no less than one canine partner.These dogs may show af. This breed may likewise botch little canines, for example, toy breeds aggression especially to males and other unsocialized animals or prey and endeavor to slaughter them. 

This breed is a very determined hunter, to the point that it will likely disregard any calls to return once it is on the pursuit regardless how well trained it is. This implies it is completely basic to keep Chippiparai dog on leash at whatever point they are outside of securely anchored zones. This breed is viewed as savvy and simpler to be trained in comparison to other sighthounds. Novice owners may face issues due to this breeds stubbornness and independent nature.

Chippiparai dog were reared to lead exceptional physical movement over a time of a few hours. This breed has generous exercise necessities, and needs something like 45 minutes to a hour of vivacious exercise regularly. This breed extraordinarily appreciates strolls and runs in a securely enclosed region. Breed individuals that are not given legitimate outlets to their vitality will most likely create social issues, for example, damaging tendency, hyperactivity, over sensitivity, and apprehension. That being stated, the Chippiparai dog does not have outrageous requirements, and the normal committed family will have the capacity to address their issues without any trouble.

Proprietors must be exceptionally mindful so as to guarantee that any walled in area which keeps your Chippiparai dog is extremely secure. This breed is to a great degree athletic and can without much of a effort clear  a fence that is 6 or 7 feet tall. These breeds are likewise exceptionally energetic to escape since they need to pursue any animal that they see. 

Chippiparai dog are known for being Being very silent dogs. Most breed individuals once in a while bark, particularly if legitimately excersed and prepared. Fanciers in India remark that Chippiparai dog are less noisy then the other dogs , regardless of whether they are kept outside. Despite the fact that the breed's activity necessities imply that it's anything but a perfect condo canine, Chippiparais are known to make fantastic rural companions.


It doesn't create the impression that any Health studies thinks about this breed have been led on the Chippiparai dog which makes it difficult to put forth any authoritative expressions on the breed's Health. In any case, veterinarians and fanciers of the breed are general as they would see it this is a unimaginably solid breed. No hereditary issues have been distinguished as being of Issue in this breed, and most Dogs experience their whole lives with no genuine medical issues. This does not imply that the Chippiparai dog is invulnerable to hereditarily acquired ailments, yet it means that the breed experiences Few of thhem and at lower rates than most thoroughbred dogs. Not exclusively is the Chippiparai to a great extent free from acquired illnesses but also  free from infectious Disease and parasites. Following quite a while of living in India, the Chippiparai dog has created normal protections and resistances to most transmittable ailments and parasites, and is both less inclined to create them and die due to them unlike most other dog breeds. 

Albeit skeletal and visual issues are not thought to happen at high rates in this breed it is exceedingly fitting for proprietors to have their pets tried by both the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). The OFA and CERF perform hereditary and different tests to distinguish potential Heath checkup  before they appear. This is particularly profitable in the identification of conditions that don't appear until the point that the dog has achieved a advanced age, making it particularly essential for anybody considering reproducing their canine to have them try to restrict the spread of potential hereditary conditions to its offspring.


Chippiparai puppy

Chippiparai dog is normally available at the price range of 5000 Rs to 8000 Rs .Its always recommended to but any breed from a reputable breeder or organisation.


The yearly spending plan for raising the chippiparai dog including nourishment and tidbits, veterinary consideration, toys and permit—could vary between four hundred twenty and $780. This excludes capital costs for spay/fix medical procedure, neckline and chain, Dog bearer and a dog crate. Note: Be certain you have the majority of your provisions previously bringing your chippiparai dog home for the first time.

Is Chippiparai ideal pet for you?

If you are  the person who loves to walk and can provide enough exercise to thier dogs to stimulate thier mind and maintain thier muscles then this is the right breed for you.This breed can easily cross 6 to 7 feet wall when deciding to chase any other animal so please keep in mind that you have secured wall when getting chippiparai dog.

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