Best Labrador,Golden Retriever & Beagle Puppies For Sale in Bangalore

Are you thinking about getting a dog? You see a dog that is searching for a home and gives you a look that says "pick me".Before you know it, you're purchasing dog foods and treats at your nearby store.

Experiencing passionate feelings for a dog is simple.You can enjoy sharing your home with your canine friend. There's no uncertainty that dogs can love you unconditionally and provide great loyalty if you offer them with constant companionship and also help them to relieve their stress after a hard or a busy day!

without further adieu lets have a look at our dog breeds:

Golden retriever puppies for sale in Bangalore

Golden Retrievers are an extremely Popular dog.These breeds were bred with a primary purpose of hunting but nowadays they are rarely used for hunting and liked by most of the people as this breed is friendly & affectionate. 

They are also adored due to the fact that their face looks like they are constantly smiling.As this breed is affectionate and friendly  with strangers they make a very bad guard dog but they excel in services like detecting drugs at airport and helping blind people.

Golden retrievers like people a lot so if left alone for a longer period of time they get very sad.This breed is good with family especially children.

Our brilliant quality golden retriever pups:

golden retreiver puppies for sale in bangalore

retreiver pup

Beagle Puppies for sale in Bangalore

Beagle is a small to medium sized dog breed.Beagles are hound dogs which has short legs,soft & long ears.Beagles were bred for the purpose of hunting small animals like hare,Rabbit & other kind of games.They excel in these game because they have powerful nose & quick instincts.

This breed is popular among people because of their good size,sweet temperament and good health.They are also used for animal testing because of their character.

Beagles are available in different coats and co-lours for e.g: Tri-colored, Orange, Red or Lemon but this breed is most known for sporting Tri-colored look with brown eyes.

This breed existed for over 2000 years but modern kind came the Great Britain around the 1830's.This breed has been included in the popular culture since Queen Elizabeth Began to rule in paintings, Comics book and even in literature

Snoopy of the comics "Strip Peanuts" has been picked up as the worlds most famous beagle.

Our Beagle Pup:

beagle puppies for sale in bangalore

Labrador puppies for sale in Bangalore

Labrador comes in the category of gun dogs and like golden retrievers this breed is friendly and affectionate.  

They are most popular dogs in countries like Australia, New-Zealand, US & UK.

This breed loves running around in an open yard and as the name suggests they love retrieving things back and can be easily trained for the same.

They are very active dog and loves to be in water no matter what temperature outside as their coat protects them.

They have webbing between the toes on their paws which makes them a strong swimmers.This breed is found in the colours like black ,yellow & brown.

Labradors makes a great choice as a family pet as they are hardy breed.They are playful,Obedient & very easy to train.

This breed is prone to obesity hence they require a great amount of exercise.They can be demanding of attention and best suited for members having daily workout.

They have otter like tail which they use as a rudder when they swim.

Our Labrador pups:

Labrador puppies for sale in Bangalore

At the end be loving patient & kind

Your Pup will be new to the world as same as a human baby.It will learn & experience lots of new things.

Event if you provide best training you will need to cleanup your bathroom mishaps initially and you might loose a pair of shoes that you left on the floor.

If you are looking to get a pet you should be the guy with lots of patience in the beginning as your dog will go through few learning curves.

Your dog will turn into a great companion with proper love and care & in the end all the hard work will pay off.

You will have to invest lots of time in your dog for example: setting time for regular walks.Dogs require lots of attention & if they don't get it they become challenging to manage.

Are you considering buying a puppy? What challenges are you most worried about?

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Team Mylilpaw wishes you a long & loving bond with your four legged friend :)
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