Why Do Dogs Howl At Night ? - Funny Dog Superstitions

Why do dogs howl at night ? - For thousands of years, the dog is the only animal that has been the oldest companion of man. That's why humans have also studied the highest dog behavior. From these studies, man is aware of events happening in the future. In ancient times, Rishi-Munio had made many signs, many people still believe in it.

In Indian culture, the elderly don't let the dogs roam around the house when they start howling at night. There is some superstition & some truth behind these things.

Why Do Dogs Howl At Night ?

why do dogs howl at night

In Hinduism, it is believed that inside the dog there is also 6th sense in addition to the five senses. The dog cries through the same denominator, and it is a sign of tragedy which is about to come in a particular person's life. Because of this when a dog howls at night people start thinking that something bad is about to happen.

The cry of the dog gives signs of many crisis:

1) When a dog starts barking looking at the             sky:

Why Do Dogs Howl At Night

Even if the dog is an animal, but animals do the same thing as humans, crying is also a common kind of action. But when the dog looks towards the sky, it is a sign that people should be prepared to fight against the drought.

2) Rubbing Body on the ground

why do dogs howl at night

Often we have seen that the dog stays on the ground (rub the whole body with the ground) when you are going for any work its a signal that you are not going to succeed in your work.

3) When you dog runs away with your shoes

Why Do Dogs Howl At Night

We have seen the animals playing with the things of the inns often, but when the dog does this, he wants to indicate that you are going to have an economic loss, whatever decision you take or whatever work you do, do it wisely . And if you think about traveling, then it will be better to avoid your journey.

Apart from all this, it is not just inspired by one religion. When you will search Google for this topic , you will come to know that even in developed nations there is a question on the howling of the dog and they are also aware of the thing that the howling of the dog is not always auspicious.

Funny Dog Superstitions that will make you laugh :

1) A woman can be impregnated with a dogs bite

why do dogs howl at night

In India, there's a conviction that getting bitten by a Dog will impregnate a human with young doggies, who will give the human host rabies :D

2) A Walking pooch predicts a Break-up

It's been said that a puppy strolling between a pursuing couple signals that a fight will take place soon or the wedding may be cancelled.

3) Dogs are able to see dead people

                             why do dogs howl at night

It is said that a dog who growls or keeps staring at nothing is seeing a ghost and if you try to see between his ears you might see the ghost too hahaha !

5) You will get good luck by meeting a stray          dog

People in Scotland believe that if a stray dog follows you to your home it will bring you good luck and extreme good luck if its a black dog.

6) Strange dogs as Guests

why do dogs howl at night

Its considered symbol of new friendship when a strange dog enters your house.

7) Storm warning 

why do dogs howl at night

When a dog retreats itself under a table or a corner it signifies that bad weather is coming.

8) Dogs protects us from ghosts & evils

why do dogs howl at night

It is said that we should keep a dog beside a sick or dying person to save them from evil spirits.

9) Dog's Poop is considered to be a good luck :D

why do dogs howl at night

It's believed according to the French tradition that if you step in dogs poop with your left foot it surely bring you good luck. People are free to share their experience below :D :D

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