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Tangkhul Hui as the breed might be granted accreditation as an unadulterated breed which is indigenous to the State. The Sangai deer and the Manipuri Horse are indigenous creatures. If Tangkhul Dog is licensed as an unadulterated breed, Dog raisers of the State would be profited and Manipur would acquaint with the world one more animal after the Manipuri horse, experts Observed. The Tangkhul hui dog breed is a Manipur local dog found in Ukhrul region and is utilized broadly for hunting purposes. It is a gallant breed which corners bears, wild hoards and different perilous wild creatures in hunting trips. It has interesting tra cking capablity. We send it off to find a animal and later corner it. It is an exceptional hunting dog companion .The Tangkhul dog is well built with short legs, blackish-blue in shading and has a pointed nose.No other dog breed can match Tangkhul as it will sacrifice its life protecting its owner.

Tangkhul hui
Tangkhul Hui


Tangkhul hui breed could be many years old yet records are not well kept, so it is difficult to tell. They were bred to be a hunter in the Urkhul Region of Manipur. It is conceivable they started as a cross with dogs from Myanmar, which bear some similarity and are not so far away. 

Considered on the verge of extinction, there are very few Tangkhul Hui left. Their customary jobs were dissolved with advancement and human development and relatively few individuals could bear to keep a dog as a pet. But there seems to be grass-root campaign battle to save this breed in Urkhul Manipur, so their future probably won't be as bleak as some anticipate.


Tangkhul hunting dog has short double coat with colours of solid black or black with some white markings on the muzzle. dogs with the white shading on the underparts and legs are typically bigger in size than strong black coloured dog. The shape of their eyes is like that of an almond and is yellow in colour. Ears are erect in a right - left heading in around 45 degrees and are sometimes cropped. The tail is medium long in a flying position and is now and sometimes docked.

  • Height: 22 – 26 inches
  • Weight: 60 – 70 pounds
  • Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years


Tangkhul hui were bred to be fierce hunters, their impulses are solid. They are extremely defensive of their pack and property and will assault significantly bigger animals they consider to be a risk. In spite of the fact that their job as a hunter has driven their numbers to decrease, they have freshly discovered use as extremely capable guard & watch dogs. Some even argue that these dogs  should be utilized by the police in India.This breed is intelligent breed which can be trained easily and is very friendly and affectionate with family members but can be aloof of strangers.


Data related to this breed is very rare as they seem to be extemely healthy breed.There are no reports regarding inherited diseases and they have high resistance against infection and parasites.


tangkhul hui
Tangkhul hui puppy

You can buy Tangkhul hui puppy at a price range of Rs.5000-20,000.


Tangkhul hui breed is considered to be very healthy with great resistance against infections and parasites your veterinarian visits will be minimal.You major expenses will be on the dog food and its always recommended to feed high quality dog food to your dog.

Training & obedience:

As an Intelligent dog breed, they are generally simple to Train, as indicated by the breeders who know them.They are also known to be stubborn like any other intelligent dog breeds. Experienced breeders and owners would not have a lot of an issue, but they are not recommended for first time owners. New owners label them as dumb dog due to their incapability of training them properly . 

Extraordinary compared to other qualities of a Tangkhul hui is their obedience. This breed can be controlled unlike any other breeds when on a hunt. Brisk to learn and adjust, they make great play mates too.

Is Tangkhul hui dog breed an ideal choice?

This breed has a medium-length coat and will require some brushing to keep them in great condition. They can shed however it isn't excessive.Combing them once or twice a week will be enough.
For the most part, they keep themselves clean and are very easy to housebreak. The standard consideration, such as toothbrushing and nail cutting, is required. 
The Tangkhul Hui were bred to be hunters and hence require a considerable amount of exercise. Nonetheless, they can be kept in a flat provided you give them enough exercise to stimulate their mind. Around 45 minutes of activity daily should be sufficient. 
Then can be a good companion for Individuals and groups being Friendly and loyal.
Tangkhul hui playing soccer:

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