Top 11 Best Dog For Home in India

Are you guys wandering which is the best dog for home in India? Then you are at the right place because i will try to answer this question in the best way possible.First of all you have to ask yourself Why do you want a dog? Do you want a guard or a friendly dog? Do you want a large,medium or small sized breed? Please keep in mind that with dog comes responsibility as they are prone to diseases like hip dysplasia , Bloat and many skin diseases.They require regular veterinarian checkup, Regular grooming depending on the breed, Vaccinations and High quality dog food.

So without further ado lets check out the list of best dog breeds for home in India:

1) Indian Pariah dog

Best dog for home in india
Indian Pariah dog

These are the dogs we find in the streets of India.These dogs are alert as well as social.They are cautious by nature and can adapt to any Indian weather so  you don't have to think much of bringing them home.Pariah dogs are very docile with the whole family and kids  but socialization is necessary for this breed .Indian pariah dogs is one of the healthy & hardy Breed.This will make sure that your vet bill will be minimum as this breed is free of allergies and skin issues which is the case with most of the high pedigree breeds.

Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs
Height: 18-25 Inches
Weight: 15-30 Kg
Life Span: 13 to 14 years

2) Labrador retriever

best dog for home in india
Labrador Retriever

If you are looking for dog which is very affectionate and easily trainable then Labrador is one of them.These dogs are fond of children and likes to make everyone happy around them.These are friendly dogs but sometimes they may not be kind to strangers.If your are looking for a perfect family dog then don't look any further as they are  the best dogs to welcome to you family.Keep in mind that these dogs do develop issues like hip dysplasia and eye defect.

Dog Breed Group: Gundog
Height: 21-24 Inches
Weight: 55-80 pounds
Life Span: 13 to 14 years

3) Pug

Pugs are the dogs with comical face and hilarious personalities.They are great for first time dog owners.In short if you want a dog with which is small but sturdy & blocky, Has got short face with big expressive eyes, Has a short coat which makes it easier to groom, Friendly with everyone including other pets, Who seldom gets into real mischief  also these dogs don't require much exercise which makes them an ideal family dog.

Dog Breed Group: Toy
Tail Type: Curled
Getting A Puppy Home: Pocket Friendly
Life Span: 7 to 8 years

4) Dachshund

best dog for home in india

This breed is the smallest of the hound but has  great spirit.Often known as hotdog due to is shape this is a fun loving dog with comical features.Don't go on the small size of this dog as it has got exceptional amount of courage and doesn't hesitate to show it in front of the strangers.These were the most popular breed in U.S.A in 2005 & are fun and loving dogs to stay with.Keep in mind that this breed has fragile back due to its height and short legs which can lead to issues like back pain, intervertrebal disk & spinal trauma.

Dog Breed Group: Hound Dogs
Height: 8-9 Inches
Weight: 7-15 Kg
Life Span: 13 to 14 years

5) Pomeranian


This breed has a tiny body with big-dog commanding 
demeanor.This breed is alert and intelligent making them a good watchdog.They are good with kids and old enough children who know the difference between toy and a toy dog.Poms don't require heavy exercise so they will be content with indoor activities and short walks.They can master tricks and games with ease though their main favorite activity is providing smiles and companionship to their family and loved ones.

Dog Breed Group: Toy Dogs
Height: 7-12 Inches
Weight: 2-4 Kg

Life Span: 14 to 15 years

6) German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German shepherds comes in the category of medium to large sized dogs and are one of the most handsome dogs around.These dogs are protective and they stay true to their nature by guarding their owner and the property with their life.Gsd's come in top 3 smartest breed of dogs.German shepherds can Easily intimidate strangers but once they are assured that they mean no harm to his family it quickly becomes friends with the stranger.They show love thier family members by protecting them and its very common to see them being used by police and military.
Dog Breed Group: Pastoral
Height: 24 to 26 inches
Ear Type: Erect
Guard Dog: Yes
Life Span: 11 to 12 years



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