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Mandai dog history:  MANDAI Dogs were utilized by MARUTHU PANDIYARS IN THEIR MILITARY TO bite THE English Troopers AND THEIR HORSES.THEY HAVE MADE THE Trained MANDAI WAR Pooches TO Remain IN THE front Line OF THEIR MILITARY Request TO GIVE A Power FULL bite Assault TO English Armed force MEN AND to bite the hamstring and testicles of English armed force steeds .AFTER THE Demise OF MARUTHU PANDIYARS English Individuals Endeavored TO ENTER ONE OF THE Fort OF THEM.BUT THEY COULD'NT On account of MARUTHU PANDIYARS HAD 250 WAR Prepared MANDAI dogs IN THIER Stronghold FOR GAURDING. AFTER Such huge numbers of Attempts At last English ENTERED THE Fort Simply In the wake of SHOOTING ALL THE 250 MANDAI dogs. 

MANDAI dogs HAVE Additionally Participated IN freedom Battle WITH THE Assistance OF OUR SIVAGANGA RULERS.

mandai dog
Mandai dog


The Mandai dog is taller and heavier than other typical sighthounds with great boned expansive legs and a profound chest. The short coat comes in dark, shades of darker, stoop with white markings on the head to nose and underparts, grey with white markings, black, white and piebald. Grey is the most prized shading. Strong colours can have a white line running down from the temple to the highest point of the nose. The ears are dropped, erect or semi flying. The tail is long and tapered at the end or sickle shape. The colour of their eyes are like almond.

Height: 26-30 inches
Weight: 28-40 Kg
Life span: 10-15 years


The Mandai dog is a Hunter and sheepdog essentially utilized as a flock guardian in Tamil Nadu to shield attacks from panthers, wild hog and other wild creatures. A quick sprinter who accepts his job seriously. This is an exceptionally smart breed that is constantly prepared to ensure the attack and protect his owner and the family. A big dog breed with great guarding instincts. Early socialization is necessary so it can coexist with strangers, stray dogs  and pets.
In short these dogs are:
1) Protective, fearless and very aggresive with stangers

2) Can be easily controlled by his master and loyal to its family

3) can be a close companion to its master

4) Having good listening skills and are self disciplined


The mandai dog is very healthy and hardy breed with very little health issues but look out for hip & elbow dysplasia common in all the large breeds so its always suggested to buy this breed from a reputable breeder or organisation.

Mandai dog Price:

mandai dog
Mandai puppy

Again the price depends on the location,quality and the breeder but generally you can buy mandai dog pup around 3k-8k  /- Rs.


Mandai dog does not require any special care as its a hardy breed with minimal health issues and they can cope up with any food but its always advised to feed you dog high quality food during development stage to develop their bones and muscles & its recommended to do monthly veterinary checkup to detect and avoid any health related issues.

Is Mandal dog an ideal pet?

If you want a dog who is loyal and affectionate with its family members and good with children,Smart & easily trainable then this breed is an ideal pet.Mandai will be at its best with a big yard where it can run freely with a secured fencing but it will do ok in an apartment if its sufficiently exercised to facilitate its mind.



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