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Are you guys Looking For one of the best dog breeders in Bangalore at best price? Then don't look any further!
We are considered one of the best Dog sellers in Bangalore & best dog breeders in India because  we are dedicated in  producing finest dogs in India for show and for companionship.

Other than having reared numerous Champions and Best in Show line up winners for more than 30 years now, and with this proceeded with energy for flawlessness, we are endeavoring to breed better and better.

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German shepherd puppies available(6 female pups) 

price- 20 k

Golden retriever,Beagle,Boxer puppies available

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dogs for sale in bangalore

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Daschund female puppies for sale in Bangalore

(price 10 k)

dachshund puppies for sale in bangalore

dachshund puppies for sale in bangalore

German shepherd puppies in Bangalore(female)

Price (14k)

Golden retriever pups available from imported parents.Parents photo available.
Price (27 k)

Cocker spaniel puppies in Bangalore

Labrador dogs for sale in Bangalore 

(Price - 15 k)

dogs for sale in bangalore

dog puppies for sale in bangalore

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Golden retriever dog puppies for sale in Bangalore - female pup 40 days old

( price 19 k) 

Afghan hound puppies available( imported with papers)

Price ( 1.5 lakh)

Great dane puppies available:

Toy Pomeranian Available:

Bulldog puppies available:

Woolly coat husky pups available

Rottweiler puppies available

French bulldog pups available:

Woolly coat Siberian husky pup available:

Shitzu puppies available  

Price - 22 k

Great Dane puppies available:

Golden retriever puppies available (6 males,2 females) 40 days old. 

Price : 14 k

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Dog Breeders In Bangalore

Our kennel concentrates on breeding quality breeds like:

3)Golden Retriever
4)German Shepherd 
6)Dogue De Bordeaux 
8)English Bulldog
11)Chow Chow 
14)Lhasa Apso 
15)Miniature Pinscher 
16)Rough Collie 
17)Bernese Mountain Dog
20)Afghan Hound
22)Bull Terrier 
23)Siberian Husky
25)Cocker Spaniel 
26)Irish Setter 
27)Bull mastiff 
29)Basset Hound 
30)Beagle etc.

We Breed For Temperament, Working, Conformation And BRAINS. 

We bring little dogs up in a home situation with kids and numerous social contacts Including collaboration inside the home, not simply out in the back-yard. This shapes their demeanor the correct way. At that point required, is a cherishing, dependable proprietor alongside a great deal of understanding and thinking about the culmination of an effective pet. With this, this gives the breed is valid and legitimate tribute. 

The majority of our dogs have incredible temperament. In the event that you are intrigued, you are free to see our puppies face to face and see with your own eyes their incredible characteristics as well as their personality, their ability to work and please.

Indications Of A Purebred Dog 

There are no genuine visual indications of a purebred puppy. While you can compare the breed standard, a few dogs will have indistinguishable signs from pooches whose ancestors were a similar breed for ages. 

A purebred dog won't be 'better' than some other breed, or give clear flags of their breed status. 

The only way to know if a puppy is purebred is to take a look at their family papers. 

  • Check His Pedigree Papers 

The KC or AKC will just enroll Purebred dogs as families. So on the off chance that your reproducer gave you a family tree when you brought your pup, at that point more then likely they are purebred. 

Families give subtleties of five ages of your dogs ancestors, indicating precisely their identity and any achievements they may have picked up amid their lifetimes. 

This framework possibly tumbles down when breeders are deceptive.It is not a common event but it can occur. Where a Breeder has a litter from one stud dog, yet illuminates Kennel Club that it was sired by an another dog. 

If you feel that your  pup appears to be tremendously different then you have anticipated, at that point there is another approach to check that is by requesting a DNA test. 

  • Dogs DNA Testing 

You would now be able to send off for DNA testing for dogs. 

There are a couple of spots web based offering this administration, or you can arrange a home unit from Amazon. 

This pack gives data on the types of your dogs ancestors back to incredible grandparents. It additionally gives a grown-up weight prediction if you have a mixed breed dog with unexpected final size.

Signs of a good dog breeder:

  • The Breeder will welcome you in their home and not elsewhere. 
  • The pups will live in the house and be dealt with regularly, as pet who is naturally introduced to family life has a superior shot at growing up loose and cordial. 
  • The guardians will be nearby, and you will have the capacity to meet them, meeting the dad may not be conceivable, but rather you should surely meet the mother. 
  • The place is spotless and safe, and that they're provided with new water, beds, and toys. Is there a latrine territory in the little dog living quarters for housetraining 
  • There will be minimal quantities of litters from mother, and the quantity of litters accessible for adoption will be restricted.
  • The guardians' health clearances will be accessible for you and parent and grandparent should have been tested for hereditary issues. 
  • Puppies will be tested genetically  or should be given a health guarantee.
  • The Breeder will allude you to past customers to talk with 
  • The Breeder will demonstrate information of the breed, and speak the truth about its preferences and downsides, regardless of whether that implies an inclination to build up certain medical issues or a personality 
  • The breed will take the puppy back on the off chance that you can't take care of it. 
  • The breeder will demand keeping the little dog until the point when it is no less than about two months old with his initially round of immunizations 
  • A good breeder won't have various breeding dog pairs (If they do, it is another warning) 
  • The breeder will be accessible for help after you take your puppy or cat home and offer direction for its care & training.
  • The Breeder has taken an interest in shows or rivalries, this demonstrates that the breeder is persuaded by eagerness for the breed. 
  • One final Thing, a great and capable breeder will likewise have desires for you and will ask the accompanying: 
  • Your lifestyle (would you say you are a leaseholder or a mortgage holder? do you have a yard or do you live in an apartment?) 
  • Your family unit (Who lives with you? Would i be able to meet them?Can visit your place?) 
  • whats your purpose to get a pet (Is this entirely a family pet, or for show purposes?) 
  • Your involvement with dogs or with the breed 
  • When you GET the puppy, you may need to sign a spay/fix contract or go to an understanding about reproducing rights to abstain from adding to pet overpopulation

Are you looking to buy good quality dogs? 

In the event that you have been searching for best dog sellers in Bangalore then we are extraordinary compared to other pet sellers to get your unique adoring pet. we have a notable name among Bangalore hound raisers for having the best dog breeds.we have the best beagles, boxers, bulldogs, dachshunds, german shepherds, brilliant retrievers, labradors, malteses, stbernad, mastifsh, terriers, pomeranians, poodles, pugs, rottweilers, shihtzus, yorkshire terrier, greatdanes in Bangalore.


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Name - Mrs.Prathvi

Number - +918722299949

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Murthys elegace, 7th main Nagwara Bangalore, Karnataka 560045
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