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If You are on this page i assume that you guys are looking for best dog sellers in Ahmedabad.

We have brilliant quality and high pedigree dogs for sale in Ahmedabad with all the required certificates.We have bred Many champions & Show line up winners for more then 20 years now.

With Enthusiasm and flawlessness we try to keep on Improving day by day.

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We concentrate on breeding quality breeds like:

1) Labrador
2) Golden retriever
3) Rottweiler
4) Great Dane
5) Boxer
5) Shit-zu
6) Top Pomeranian 
7)   Doberman
8) German Shepherd 
9) Pug & more

We mainly concentrate on Temperament, Brains & dog's Structure.

We Raise our puppies in a home situation with children and socialize them by introducing them to strangers constantly and collaboration inside the home and not simply in the backyard.

This helps in shaping their behavior the correct way.At that point of time we require a owner who is dependable and loves to cherish leadership qualities and thinks about culmination of an effective pet.

Majority of our dogs have Best temperament.If in doubt please feel free to visit us and see our puppies face to face which will give you an idea about their character and personality & their ability to work and please.

How can you judge if a dog is purebred ?

There is no visual indication of a purebred dog while you can still compare the breed standards , You wont be able to distinguish few breeds whose ancestors were similar breed for ages.

A purebred breed wont be good then any other breeds and wont give any signals or flags regarding their breed status.

The best way to know if a dog if purebred is to have a look at his family papers.

  • Check his pedigree papers

KC or AKC will just enroll purebred dogs as the part of the family.So if the breeder gives the family tree when you buy a pup from him its most likely that the puppy is purebred.

Family tree is nothing but a chart showing five ages of your puppies ancestors which precisely indicates their identity and any achievements they might have got during their lifetime.

But this possibility tumbles down when a breeder is deceptive or a cheat.Its a rare occurrence where a breeder has litter from one stud dog yet convinces the kennel club that it was sired by another dog.

If you feel that the pup you got is completely different then you might have thought or anticipated  then you can go for dogs DNA testing.

  • Dogs DNA Testing
Now its completely possible for your dog to get DNA tested.

There are couple of online websites which provides this service or you can buy your own home kit from amazon.

This kit will give you all the required data like your pup's ancestors back to its grandparents.

This kit can also predict your pups grown up weight specially if you have a mixed breed with unexpected final size.

How can you select a good dog breeder?

  • A good breeder will always welcome you in their home and not in some other place.
  • Their pups will always live inside the house and will be dealt with on a regular basis which gives a chance to that pup to grow up loose and cordial.
  • Parents of the pup will be nearby so you can have the chance to meet them.Seeing the pups dad may not always be possible but you should anyhow see the pups mother.
  • The place will be tidy and safe.They will be provided with new water,beds & toys.Latrine territory should also be there in the pups living area for the house-training.
  • The quantity of litters from the mother will be minimum and the quantity of litter available will also be limited or restricted.
  • The breeder must have health clearance the pups parents and grandparents should also have been tested for hereditary issues.
  • Pups will be genetically tested and should provide you health guarantee and all the required certificates.
  • The breeders will recommend you his past clients to talk with.
  • The breeder will have a very good knowledge about his dog breeds and will be honest regarding the breeds pro's and con's.
  • The breeder will take back the pup if you can't properly care for it.
  • Breeders will not hand over the pup till it is 2 months old and have completed the rounds of immunizations.
  • A good dog breeders wont have numerous dog breeding pairs.
  • A good dog breeder will always be available after you take the pup home and will direct you for its care and training.
  • The breeder participates in various dog shows or rivalries.

A good dog breeder will show interest in you and can ask you questions like:

  • What is your lifestyle? Do you live in an apartment? Do you have a yard?
  • Who lives with you? Can i visit them? Can i see your place?
  • Are you getting a pet for show purpose or as a family companion ?
  • Your involvement with that particular breed or with other dogs.

When you get a pup you may need to spay/fix your pup or get into an understanding restrain from adding to pet overpopulation.

So are you looking for best dog breeders in Ahmedabad?

If you guys are looking for best and high quality puppies for sale in Ahmedabad then don't look anywhere else because we are unique and extraordinary compared to other pet sellers in Ahmedabad to get your adoring four legged furry friend.We are famous among notable hound raisers in Ahmedabad for having best quality dog breeds.We have best Labrador,Golden retriever,Rottweiler,Great Danes,Boxer,Shit-zu,Toy pomeranian, Doberman, German Shepherds, Pug & the list continues.

Cocker spaniel pup available ( 2 months old vaccinated )

German shepherd pup for sale 3 months old ( with KCI )

Playful & healthy 1.5 year old female lab dog for sale 

Brilliant quality 40 days old labra pups for sale (price 26 k ) 

Brilliant quality lab pups available

Billiant quality Golden Retreiver puppies available

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Name - Prathvi
Number - 8722299949(whatsapp/call)
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