Ultimate Jonangi Dog Breed Facts & Information | Price, Description, History, Temperament And More

Jonangi dog breed also known as jonangi  jagilam or Koletti jagilam  is mainly found  in the state of andhra pradesh  & also in some parts of karnataka.This Breed is known to make yodelling sound instead of barking.This dog is not friendly with strangers hence making them one family or one-man dog.

jonangi dog
Jonangi Dog


Jonangi Dog Breed is used  for herding ducks and they make a good watchdog.This breed is agile, Can be trained easily and are Very intelligent.This breed stand tall at 17 to 21 inches at withers and weighs around 13-22 kg.This breed is small in height with thin and long powerful legs & hocks.They are mainly found in the colour like solid frawn, Biscuit, black or white & Chocolate.


Jonangi are wary of strangers hence making them one family or one-man dog.These breeds are extremely agile and can cover up long distances.This breed is good with children thus making them a good energetic pet for family or individual.They are unlike to show aggression unless provoked.


Its very difficult to find out health issues of this breed but they appear to be robust with very few inherited diseases.This breed is highly rated by the breeders and they have been reported as a very healthy breed.So we can assume that they have good tolerance level to certain canine health risks.


This breed is rarely available so the price may vary place to place and person to person but in general you can get jonangi pup on an around 3k to 6k.


you major expenses will be on the dog food.So the total cost of owning this breed will entirely depend on the quality of food you feed to your dog.This breed is rated as a very healthy breed by the breeders thus visits to the veterinarian will be less.They have very short coat so the grooming needs will also be on the lower side. 

Should you own Jonangi dog breed?

This breed is known for its agility.This breed can dodge and weave undergrowth and over difficult terrain easily.Because this breed had to fend themselves they can cover long distances with their long stride.This dog will do ok in an apartment provided you give them exercise they need everyday to stimulate their mind.Medium to large yard is ideal for this breed and don't forget to fence it as this breed is known to wander off.

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