Kombai Dog Breed Information And Pictures

Many of you might be familiar with guard dog breeds like German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler.Very less people know about Indian guard breeds like Rajpalyam, Kombai dog, Chippiparai so in this post am going to share all the information you might need related to this muscular, Powerful Breed.

Kombai dog breed is very similar to terrier breeds which is found in and around the state of Tamil nadu and  are also found bordering areas of the state of Kerala,India.This breed is Intelligent, Muscular & extremely loyal to his owner.

Kombai dog
Kombai Dog


This old breed created in the fifteenth century In India and around the Dravidian locale presently known as Tamil Nadu and a few sections of Kerala and was once spread all through the area. Till date, numerous local people and breed specialists assume that the breed existed as early as 9th century. 

Currently, they are just constrained to a specific zone of the Indian territory of Tamil Nadu, and in a couple of pet hotels. The genuineness of its bloodline is frequently put to address in view of its huge appearance, particularly when contrasted with the stock accessible to the current breeders of the locale. 

Kombai dog advanced as a genuine 'Guard Dog' and was widely utilized by the Royals, and in addition the ordinary citizens for chasing medium to extensive size animals including deer, bears, and buffalo. A few specialists trust that they were even used to guard individuals' stocks against panthers, lions, and tigers. Progressively, the canine started to fill in as a gatekeeper to estates and farmhouses against trespassers. 

The armed forces of the Marudhu Pandiyar, the imperial siblings who controlled the Sivagangai area of Tamil Nadu towards the finish of the eighteenth century, utilized the Kombai dog while battling back the British officers that endeavored to add the Dravidian kingdom under the British Empire. 

Despite the fact that no major kennel have registered this breed, they are as yet prominent in the Southern locale of India as both a hunter and in addition a dependable pet.


Kombai dog comes in the category of medium sized dogs with a heavy structure.This breed was bred to hunt wild boars, Deers and Bison as this breed is well equipped with muscular body, Powerful legs & strong jaws.This breed stands tall between 17 to 25 inches & has a average life span of 13 to 14 years.

This breed is usually found in tan, red or brown with black muzzle.


Kombai dog is the bravest breed of dogs and if it wants it can fight an intruder fearlessly till death which makes them excellent guard dogs.This breed is vary of strangers and if they sense any threat it can lead to bad consequences.This breed is very active and therefore they require exercise to maintain their agility and to give required stimulation to their mind.This breed will do ok in an apartment provided they have exercise sessions everyday.


This breed is considered to be healthiest Indian dog breeds but like the other dog breeds this breed is prone to elbow and hip dysplasia and skin disease like dermatitis.


Kombai dog is availaible at a price range of 3k to 7k and is mainly found in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Like with other breeds major expense will be on food so it will depend on the quality of food you feed.In general monthly expense will be around 1k to 3k as kombai dog is considered to be one of the healthiest dog breed your visit to the vet will be low aswell as this breed doesn't require frequent grooming due to its short coat.

Should you Get Kombai dog?

This is entirely dependent on you.Kombai dog is one of the best guard breed for families and like any other large breed they require vigorous exercise sessions everyday.So if you are willing to take your dog out for long walks everyday along with plenty of exercise to stimulate their mind then this breed is for you.

See the video on kombai dog ( Indian Rottweiler)



I hope this post has answered all the questions you had in your mind Regarding Kombai dog breed .Please feel free to comment below :)
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