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The Alsatian dog A.K.A German shepherd is one of America's most mainstream Dog breeds. Gsd's are smart and capable working dogs. His dedication and boldness are unmatched. What's more, he's incredibly adaptable, exceeding expectations at most anything he's trained to do: Guiding and assisting handicapped, serving police and military, herding & rescue, detection of drugs, very obedient, fierce protector and last but now the least a faithful companion.

alsatian dog
Alsatian dog


German Shepherds comes in the category of medium to large sized dogs.The breed Height at withers is 60– 65 cm (24– 26 in) for males, and 55– 60 cm (22– 24 in) for females.German Shepherds are longer than tall, with a perfect Proportion of 10 to 8 1/2. The AKC official breed standard does not set a standard weight range.They have a forehead shaped like a rounded vault, a long square-cut gag with solid jaws and a dark nose. The eyes are medium-sized and darker. The ears are big and stand erect, open at the front and parallel, yet they regularly are pulled back amid movement. A German Shepherd has a long neck, which is raised when excited and Lowered while moving at a quick pace. The tail is rugged and ranges to the hock.

German Shepherds have a Double-layer coat which is close and thick with a thick undercoat. The coat is acknowledged in two variations; medium and long.Long hair Shepherds are accepted but they are not competed with the standard coated dogs while they can compete with the standard coated dogs but is considered a fault in the American kennel club.Short hair type is listed in variety A whereas long haired hair type is listed in variety B by FCI.Most normally, Alsatian dog are either tan/dark or red/dark. Most Colour Variants have dark veils and dark body markings which can run from a "saddle" to a fully blanket.Saddle, Pure-black, Pure-white, liver & Blue varieties are rare colour variations.The most accepted colour variations are sable and all-black whereas blue and liver are considered to be serious faults and all-white are disqualified to take part in specialty shows.


German shepherds dogs are described as self assured and active dogs.They are fearless and curious which makes them suitable for search missions.If not socialized Properly they can become over protective of their family & territory.They are vary of strangers.They are highly intelligent, obedient as well as protective of their owners.


Over the years, Bad breeding practices have lead to hereditary diseases such as hip and elbow dysplasia, digestive problems (probably due to nerves), epilepsy, chronic eczema, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), dwarfism and flea allergies, Blood disorders.


The price can range between 17000/- Rs to 20000/- Rs. Price can go up for a show quality dog and from an exceptional lineage. Please make sure you buy this breed from a reputable breeder.


Pup: Rs 8 -15K (One time including accessories)
Vaccination: Rs 2 - 2.5K (3 months)
Feed: Rs 4 - 5K (Per month)
Joint formula Feed: Rs 6 - 6.5K (Per month - if required)

So Now the Question is whether you should buy German shepherd?

German shepherds are highly active dogs so they need a vigorous exercise session to drain of their energy.They will be ok in an apartment if they are taken out for long walks everyday.If you are lazy and are not willing to provide enough exercise then This breed is not for you instead opt for breeds like labrador, Golden retrievers etc.

See this video on how to select a GSD puppy:



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